Have You Got the Drive to be Nissan’s Generation Next?

Do you have a dream? Are you passionate, hard working and committed? If so, Nissan want to help you on the road to success! NissanGenerationNext

Nissan Generation Next is an exciting, brand new initiative from Nissan that aims to help the nation’s best and brightest succeed in their chosen field, be it sport, business, food, film, science, the arts or whatever! No area is too diverse or too mainstream, too niche or too common for Nissan Generation Next, all they ask is that the candidate is passionate, committed and working hard to achieve their goals.

If this sounds like you or someone you know then Nissan would like to help you realise those dreams! You could become one of Ten Nissan Generation Next ambassadors, each awarded with a brand new Nissan vehicle for a year, that best suits their particular needs in helping them to achieve their ambitions and succeed in their chosen field.

Current Nissan Generation Next Ambassadors

 In February at the Nissan Generation Next UCD Fashion Show, Linn Hatlelid became the latest Nissan Generation Next ambassador as she took home the title of Nissan Generation Next Young Designer of the year. She joins fellow Nissan Generation Next Ambassadors Sean Doyle, Gerard Barrett and Emma Fogarty.

 All four ambassadors epitomise what it means to be Nissan Generation Next ambassadors, chosen for showing outstanding dedication, commitment and promise in their chosen fields;

 Debra Ireland Patient Ambassador Emma Fogarty said of having her specially adapted car: “Being able to drive gives me more independence and that excites me more than anything”.

Award winning Film-maker Gerard Barrett said (of filming Grasslands, his upcoming feature film starring Toni Colette and What Richard Did star Jack Reynor) “It’s the practicality of it; having the Qashqai allows me to take the lads to set in the morning which saves money that we can use for something else in the film; it’s been fantastic and is greatly appreciated”.

Petrol head and up and coming racing driver Sean Doyle loves his Nissan Juke and says “It’s a great help for someone young; it gets me to the racetrack, it gets me home, it gets me everywhere”.

To be in with a chance of winning one of the remaining six places left on the Nissan Generation Next programme, all you have to do is apply online at www.nissangenerationnext.ie or through the Nissan Generation Next Facebook App and outline why you feel you are an ideal candidate for Nissan Generation Next and how driving a Nissan for a year would help you in realising you goals.

How Nissan Generation Next works:

Nissan Generation Next offers ten ambitious and driven individuals the opportunity to win a place on the programme and in turn, drive a Nissan vehicle for a year. The programme launched with three specially selected Nissan Generation Next Ambassadors who epitomise everything it means to be Nissan Generation Next candidates. A fourth place on the programme was awarded to the winner of the Designer of the Year award at the Nissan Generation Next UCD Fashion Show.

Remaining Nissan Generation Next places – Applications Phase: The remaining six places on the programme will be open for anyone to apply to on our dedicated Nissan Generation Next website www.nissangenerationnext.ie and Facebook app. The Application phase will run for approximately 2 months until the end of April.  To apply candidates will be invited to fill out a standardised application form which is available on the website.

Voting Phase: Following the application phase a shortlist of candidates for the Nissan Generation Next programme will be selected by a Nissan judging panel to go forward to the voting phase of the programme.  The selected candidates’ profiles will be made public on www.nissangenerationnext.ie to allow people vote for them through the website or Facebook app.   After a 3 week voting phase four of the candidates with the largest number of votes will win a place on the Nissan Generation Next programme. Nissan will select the final two.

Winners Announcement: The full line-up of Nissan Generation Next ambassadors will be announced in mid-June.