A NOTE for the 2016 Women’s Mini Marathon

Congratulations to all of you that have made the decision to participate in this year’s Women’s Mini-Marathon, we’re extremely excited to again be associated with what is a historic event and are looking forward to burning some rubber – excuse the pun - in the build-up to this year’s race. At Nissan, Innovation is at the heart of everything we do.  Innovation helps us to re-think the ordinary, push the boundaries, exceed expectations and anticipate the needs of an ever-changing world so we can deliver innovative and exciting products at affordable prices.


No doubt that this year, like year’s past, you will see plenty of Nissan vehicles busying around on the day of the race and some may catch your eye. One of note that should, is the Nissan Note (again, excuse the pun), which is one of the most innovative cars in its class using our Nissan Safety Shield allowing for peace of mind while driving, as well as being one of the most spacious too, it’s the perfect fit to take centre stage at this year’s Women’s Mini Marathon. And that’s not all, don’t forget, that every single person that enters the Women’s Mini-Marathon this year is entered into a draw to win a brand new Nissan NOTE (NOPE - it’s not just for the winners!) So everyone of you who has registered to take part on June 6th 2016, has an equal chance of driving home after the race in a brand new car. Wouldn’t that be a nice end to the day! Check out the Nissan Note to familiarise yourself with this year’s fantastic prize!


Also because we know how difficult it can be to stay motivated right up to the event we’ll be sharing tips on training and much more from someone who knows a thing or two about racing (all shall be revealed soon!) to help you along the way to race day. Sometimes all you need to rekindle your motivation is to loosen up the muscles so why not dedicate some time each day to stretching.


Be sure to follow us at the Nissan Ireland Facebook page and tweet us @NissanIreland to follow our news around the Women’s Mini Marathon. We will also have some great prizes leading up to the race day with our #WickedWednesday promotions which will start very soon – so keep a keen eye.


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